About Us

Brief History Of The College

In 2002, the Kastina State Government requested the Federal Ministry of Education to establish a Federal Science and Technical College in the State. The request was granted. And in year 2005, the issue was part of a Presidential Project which did not materialize until October, 2008, when the Principal, Vice Principals and a couple of academic staff were deployed to the college.

However, in the 2008/2009 academic session, the first session of JSS 1 students who were admitted could not commence academic work because of change in the policy by government, it was not until 2009/2010 session that 10 students were admitted in Senior Secondary 1 in line with what is obtain in other Federal Unity Colleges.

The site of the school is located in the former Government junior Day Secondary School, Dayi donated by Katsina State Government. The site was formally handed over to Federal Ministry of Education on the 7th of September , 2009. The college has dilapidated infrastructure. It has no internal access to road and supply of water is limited. It was in this challenging scenario that the first set of teachers was deployed.

All the teachers have pledged to stretch themselves to their utmost in order to achieve the positive values of educating the Nigeria Youth in Science and Technology.

The Prospectus aims at highlighting the activities in the college, lists items and equipment required by the students and summarise the daily school routine Parent/Guardians are therefore advised to carefully go through the prospectus.


To be the most sought after and provider of Science and Vocational Education in Nigeria.


To be focused and visible, nurturing and propagating the scientific and technological culture of the Nigerian Youth through a planned approach to the spirit of enquiry and growth of technological and vocational education with a view to satisfy all stakeholders.

Curricular Activities

The college offers courses that comply with the national minimum standards set by National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) approved by the National Council on Education (NCE). All courses run by the college are to be accredited by the board. The National business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) at Benin, Edo State is the examining and certification body.

The board also determines entry requirement and conducts entry examination into Science and Technical College in Nigeria.

All Science and Technical College run a (3) year craft programme leading to the National Technical Certificate or the National Business Certificate (NTC/NBC).The entry requirement and examination schedules are published in the national dailies annual by the NABTEB. The requirement are the following qualifications:

1. Junior Secondary Certificate (JSSC) or NBC/NTC

2. NECO National Common Entrance Examination for SS1, the mode of entry examination for NBC/NTC are in two (2) parts

I. Paper I Vocational preference survey.

II. Paper II Aptitude test.

The minimum entry is fourteen (14) years of age, Federal Science and Technical College, Dayi is coeducational institute (boys and girls) as Boarders.


Working days commence from 7:30am and end 4:00pm daily from Monday to Thursday and end at 1:00pm on Friday. All students must either be in the workshop or classroom during this period on demanded by the training programme or such circumstances approved by the College Management (Principal).

Discipline either of Federal Science and Technical College, Dayi in the 2009/2010 the following courses were approved for the college.

At the reception of FEDERAL SCIENCE END TECHNICAL COLLEGE DAYI in the 2009/2010 the courses were approved for the college.


Motor Vehicle Mechanic Works (MVM)

Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM)

Radio and Television (Electronics) (RTV)

BLOCK LAYING, Bricklaying and Concentrating (BBC)

CATERING Craft Practice (CCP)

Computer Studies/Computer Crafting (CS)

Welding & Fabrication

Garment Making

Painting & Decoration

Secretariat Studies


Plumbing and piping





Agricultural Science


Visual Art

Literature in English

Extra-Curricular Activities

The under listed are the approved clubs and societies in the college. It is mandatory that a student joins at least one of these clubs and societies. The approved clubs and societies are:

The debating and dramatic Club

Fellowship of Christian Student (FCS)

Jets Club
Muslim student Society (MSS)
Press club
Young Catholic Students (YCS)
Geographical Society
Any others as approved by the Principal


Candidates are considered for admission once a year i.e October and such admission is usually advertised in the National dailies. Application forms are obtainable from the following centres: 

Federal Science and technical College, Dayi
Federal Ministry of Education Phase III 6th Floor room 603 Federal Secretariat, Abuja
FCT Education Resource Centres Wuse, Zone 7 Abuja.
State Ministries of Education Nationwide
Federal Inspectorate of Education Offices in each state.



The entry requirements shall be satisfactory completion of a three (3) year Junior Secondary Course and obtaining the Junior Secondary School Certificate or it’s equivalent.

The Candidate must be between 12 and 15 years old.

Must pass the aptitude test conducted by NABTEB.

Must also pass the selection interview conducted by the College.

2. The Candidate must have passes at Credit level at JSSCE in English Language and Mathematics and Four (4) other subjects.

The Candidates/Applicant must pass the selection aptitude test conducted by the College.

Rules And Regulations

The aims and objectives of the College rules and regulations are to create and sustain healthy environment conducive for learning. It is a fact that rules, exist in every society to reward any noble deed and sanction actions that are detrimental to the progress and development of such a society. It is in line with this that the College Authority has come with the following rules and regulation for all students. These rules and regulations are however subject to review as situation demands.


  1. College Bells

All College bells must be obeyed promptly. Violation of college bells will attract minor detention (or 15 minutes manual labour)

     2. College Activities

All students must participate in College activities in their appropriate uniforms. Any violation of this will attract the censure of the wear.

  3. Class Room Furniture

No classroom item or furniture should be removed from the class area to the hostel area. Offender will be made to return the items and serve manual labour.

  4. Punctuality

Lateness to classes, dining hall, for meal, lateness to sporting activities, assemblies, prep, night roll-calls etc. are prohibited Punishment; lateness to any of the above activities will attract kneeling down, picking of litters or manual labour.

 5. Exit

Any student going out of the College must obtain a permit from appropriate College Authority.


Offender(s) will be suspended for 2 (two) weeks and will be made to come back with his/her parent or guardian who will then sign an undertaking that him/her ward will be of good behavior.

6. Visitors

Visiting parents can only come visit their wards during visiting days. It is only with the permission of the principal that visitors can see students on any other day. Visitors who violate this rule would be ordered out of the College.

7. Staff Quarters
Staff Quarters are out-of-bound to all students except permitted by the principal.
Any student who violates this rule will be placed on two (2) weeks suspension.

8. Destruction Of College Property

I . Destruction of any College property is a punishable offence.
II. Making of any form of inscription on the wall is prohibited.
III. There should be no defecating or urinating in unauthorized places.

I. The offender of 8 (i)above will be made to pay for it or replace the equal number of items and should be given 2 days manual labour in addition.
II. The offender of 8 (ii) above will be made to renovate the surface of the wall plus 1 (one) day manual labour whereas the offender of 8 (iii) above will be made to face disciplinary action during assembly.

9. Mode Of Dressing

All students are expected to be in their appropriate uniforms at all times:

I. The approved uniforms are classroom uniform, workshop overall, compound wears, pairs of sandals and canvas (tennis shoes).
II. Wearing of Jewries and make-ups are strictly prohibited. However the girls are free to put on small earrings, plait their hair or have it cut low: (plaiting of Bob Marley, wearing of wigs, attachment and any form or perming, coiling, straightening or bending are prohibited).

10. Respect For Constituted Authority
I. Disobedience to prefects is an offence since they are vested with certain powers and responsibilities. On no account should they be insulted while performing their official duties.
II. Rudeness, disobedience is a serious offence.
III. Misconduct on the part of the prefects is a punishable offence.


Offenders of (i) above will serve two hours detention or manual labour or 5 (five) strokes of the cane on assembly ground and will be made to apologize to the prefect concerned. Offenders of (ii) above will be suspended indefinitely or given corporal punishment depending of the gravity of the offence. Offender (iii) above will be removed from office plus other punishment prescribed by the College.

11. Late Arrival And Early Departure
I. All students must resume after holiday on the date stated by the College authority on the newsletter.
II. Students returning from holiday must be checked-in at the College gate by the clearance committee. Any prohibited items will be confiscated. All fees must be paid by bank draft before a student is checked into the hostel.

Students will be made to immediately return to their homes until they satisfy their requirements or they stand to have voluntarily with drawn themselves from the College.

12. Pilfering And Stealing
All form of pilfering, stealing and breaking of lockers or boxes are serious offences.
Violators deserve corporal punishment, suspension or dismissal from the college on the gravity of the offence.

13. Pregnancy/Sexual Intercourse
Any certified case of pregnancy or sexual intercourse will not be tolerated.

Offenders will be expelled from the College.

14. Demonstration And Riot
Any form of demonstration or riot by any student is highly prohibited. There is a hierarchy of communication in the college. Students should at all times channel their grievances to the appropriate Authority.


Any student or group of student found organizing demonstration or riot in the College will be dismissed without delay.

15. Classroom/Workshop/Laboratory Behavior

I. A student must attain at least 75 percent attendance requirement before he/she is qualified to sit for examination.
II. The student leader in any particular class must ensure that the classroom is properly swept, dusted and the chalk and duster are always available in the classroom prior to the commencement of any lesson.
III. Noise making in the classroom is prohibited all times.
IV. No student should be seen outside the College premises or hostel during classes without written permission.
V. Any misbehavior in the workshop or laboratories resulting in damages of machines, tools, implements or apparatus will surcharged.
VI. Preparatory classes are compulsory for all students and must be observed strictly.
VII. All students must observe safety rules in the College premises.
I. Violators of 15 (i) above will not sit for the examination in question.
II. Any class that violates this order 15 (ii) will be made to sweep and dust the classroom and each offenders will be given 5 (five) strokes of the cane.
III. Any offender of 15 (iii) above will me made to serve manual labour.
IV. Offender 15 (iv) above will do manual labour or one (1) week suspension if found outside the College.
V. Offender 15 (v) above will be ordered to replace the damaged items (5).
VI. Offender 15 (vi) above will do manual labour or corporal punishment.
VII. Any violator of 15 (vii) above will do manual labour.

16.  Hostel Behavior
I. All students are expected to wake up by 5:30am for their morning prayers everyday and all cleaning exercises must be completed before 7:00am and report for classes at 8:00am or the assembly at 7:30am.
II. Students must keep their bed rooms and hostel environment tidy at all times.
III. Night-out must be strictly observed by all students.
IV. No student should receive any visitor in the hostel.
V. No student should keep a large amount in the hostel. Students are therefore advised to deposit such money with the College authority for safe keeping.
VI. Hostel inspection is a compulsory exercise. Students must therefore make themselves available for the exercise.
VII.Writing on the walls, doors and windows of the hostel is highly prohibited.
VIII. Girl's hostels are out of bounds to boys, similarly boy's hostels are out of bound to girls.
IX. No student should be found around the hostel area during classes, prep, labour and games period.
X. No student should cook in the hostel.
XI. Electrical gadgets such as mini-television set, radio, boiling ring, electric cooker, electric clipper etc. are not allowed in the College premises. Nevertheless, ironing of dress can be done only in the students common rooms.
XII.Common or recreation rooms must not be used for playing unauthorized games or reading. Besides, the making of noise is regarded as a breach of discipline.

I. Offenders of 16 (I, ii, iii and iv) above will do manual labor.
II. Offenders of 16 (v) above will surrender the money to the College authority for safe-keeping and will be allowed to collect same in installment when needed.
III. Offenders of 16 (vi) may be suspended if found to have left the College (without permission).
IV. Violators of 16 (vii) above will be made to renovate the surface of the wall plus one (1) day manual labor.
V. Offenders of 16 (viii) above will be suspended for two weeks and must be accompanied by their parents when returning.
VI. Violations of (ix) and (x) above will be made to serve one day manual labor.
VII. Offenders of 16 (xi) above will have the items confiscated.
VIII.  Offenders of 16 (xii) above will be made to serve one hour manual labor.

17 Dinning Hall Behavior

I. Every student is expected to be in the dinning hall promptly whenever the bell for food is tolled.
II. A high degree of decorum is required in the dinning hall during meals and all meals must be eaten in the dinning hall except sick student whose meals could be taken to them in the hostel or I sick-bay.
III. Complaint about food should be lodged with the teacher on duty, food prefect or Head boy/Head girl directly and not with the catering supervisor or Kitchen Staff.
IV. Any student found depriving any other student of his/her food commits a grievous offence.
V. Students should have their own set of cutleries and drinking cups and these should not be shared with any other students.
VI. The College kitchen is out of bound to all students except the food prefect, the prefect on duty and the Head boy and Head girl.
VII. No student must invite visitors into the dinning hall for food.

VII. The Kitchen staff must be respected by all students.

I. Offenders of 17 (a) will forfeit his/her meal.
II. Offenders 17 (b) and (c) will do manual labour.
III. The offenders of 17 (d) will server one hour manual labour.
IV. Offenders of 17 (e) will not be allowed to eat in the dinning hall.
V. Offenders 17 (f) will be made to wash plates for the following meal.

VI. Offenders 17 (g) will be made to wash plates for two days.
VII. Offenders 17 (h) will be suspended for a week or made to be given six strokes of the cane at the assembly.

18. Games

I. Games are compulsory for all students except on medical grounds or exempted by the college authority.
II. All games equipment must be handled with care and returned to the store after use.
III. All students must appear in appropriate games wear.

19. Student Health
I. Any form of sickness must be promptly reported to the clinic and self medication such as purchasing a drug without a doctor’s prescription is prohibited.
II. Cases that cannot be handled by the college nurse are to be referred to the General Hospital ant the bill will be settled by the parent/guardians.
III. Must students must exhibit personal hygiene and keep their immediate environment clean at all times.
IV. Exclusion of College activities by any student on the ground of ill health can only be granted with a written permission from the College nurse and the duty master should be duly informed.
V. No student should be found smoking or drinking any form of Alcoholic beverages.
VI. No student should drive or ride a motorized vehicle in or around the college.

I. Offender of 19 (i) above will have the drug confiscated.
II. Offender of 19 (ii) above will be sent home.
III. Offender of 19 (iii) above will be made to clean up immediately.
IV. Offender of 19 (iv) above will be made to server manual labour.
V. Offender of 19 (v) will be dismissed from the college.
VI. Offender of 19 (vi) above will have the vehicle (car or motorcycle) seized and will serve 2 weeks manual labour.

20. Staff – Student Relationship
A healthy and relaxed relationship should exist between staff and students. However, it is a grievous offence for a staff and student to have intimate/sexual relationship.

Offenders will face indefinite suspension and or dismissal depending on the gravity of the offence while the staff concerned will face staff disciplinary committee and official sanction from the FME headquarters.

21. Student-Student Relationship

Quarreling/fighting among students in the College is highly prohibited and violent confrontation with other student is a serious offence.

All forms of immoral association (boy-friend and girl-friend) and sexual relationship among students is highly prohibited.

Inflicting corporal punishment on junior is highly prohibited.


Offenders of 21 (i, ii, iii) above will face suspension and or outright dismissal depending on the seriousness of the offence.

22. Religious Observance

I. The College authority recognizes two religions viz: Islam and Christianity.

II. Nobody should molest any one in the practice of either of the two religions.

III. No one should force his/her religion opinion on others or get in carnage or religious upheaval.

IV. No student should change his/her religion while in the college unless written permission is submitted to the College by the parent/guardian.

V. The college authority therefore enjoins religious groups to tolerate one another.


I. Offenders of 22 (ii) above will be suspended.

II. Offenders of 22 (iii) above will be dismissed.

23 . Library

I. Absolute silence must be observed at all times in the library.

II. Stealing, defacing and mutilation of library books are serious offences.

III . All other library rules and regulations spelt out by the librarian should be observed.


I. Offenders of 23 (i) above will be sent out of the library.

II. Offenders of 23 (ii) above will be made to replace the book or be suspended or dismissed from the college depending on the gravity of the offence.

23. Clubs And Societies

The under listed are the approved clubs and societies in the college. It is mandatory that a student joins at least one of these clubs and societies. However, any student found belonging to any club or an association that is not registered or having some similarity to a secret cult will be made to face the law.

I. The debating and dramatic Club

II. Fellowship of Christian Student (FCS)

III. Jets Club

IV. Muslim student Society (MSS)

V. Press club

VI. Young Catholic Students (YCS)

VII. Geographical Society

VII. Any others as approved by the Principal

25. Outside Clubs And Societies

I. No student should belong to any outside organization without the permission of the College authority.

II. All ethnic and tribal association or societies including their engagement are not allowed within the College premises except by official arrangement.


Violation of these order would attract indefinite suspension, Cultism outright dismissal from the College and prosecution by the law enforcement agencies.

26. Visiting

Visitations are allowed only on scheduled visiting days (first Saturday of the Month). Parents/guardian are to present the visiting card to the security man at the gate before they are allowed into the College premises.

27. Short – Holidays

Students are allowed to leave the school premises during short holidays. Parent are allowed to complete a proforma given by the school to this effect to enable the college monitor the movement of the students.

28. Vacation And Resumption

On vacation holidays, students will be allowed to leave the school compound as from eight O’clock (8:00am) till five O’clock (5:00pm) for security and safety. No student will be allowed to leave the College after 5:00pm.


Any other offence not contained in this prospectus would be referred to the principal or the student’s disciplinary committee for adjudication.

List Of Clothing And Equipment (Boys)

All male boarders are required to bring the following articles to school on resumption.

  1. Two (2) sets of house wear (Two (2) pair of brown trousers)
    • Khaki colour and two short sleeved shirts.
    • Check materials for shirts: according to the house colour.
  2. One (1) Juma’at Dress (1 pair of trouser made out of china white material with a caftan to go along with it)
  3. One (1) pair of brown Sandals
  4. One (1) pair of Canvas
  5. Two (2) pairs of white Socks
  6. One (1) Blanket
  7. One (1) pair of Bathroom Slippers
  8. Two (2) white Bed Sheets
  9. Two (2) pillow cases
  10. One (1) Mattress
  11. One (1) Pillow
  12. One (1) Mosquito Net
  13. One (1) Bucket (Metallic)
  14. One (1) Plastic Keg
  15. Cardigan to be supplied by the School
  16. One (1) Wrapper
  17. Two (2) Towels
  18. Three (3) white Singlet’s and Pants
  19. One (1) Torchlight and batteries
  20. Cutlery ( One (1) fork, One (1) knife, One (1) spoon, One (1) teaspoon)
  21. One (1) Cup
  22. One (1) Hoe
  23. One (1) Cutlass
  24. One (1) Broom
  25. Six (6) Handkerchiefs
  26. Six (6) white Toilet Rolls
  27. Dettol

Sport Wear

One (1) Pair of Canvass shoe as in No. 4 and white Stockings. Other sport wears are available in the School to be issued according to the student house colour. These have already been included in the bill.

List Of Clothing And Equipment (Girls)

All Female boarders are required to bring the following articles to School on resumption.

1.Two (2) set of house wear. These should be sewn from home according to the House Colour and School specifications shown in the attached diagram and should be at least 6 inches below the knee.

2. One (1) Juma’at Dress (One (1) white dress China material), Hijab, Trouser, white head-tie and white shawl or Sunday Dress house wear, with a scarf made out of house wear colour to cover the head.

3. One (1) pair of brown Sandal

4. One (1) pair of canvas shoe (for sport)

5.Two (2) pairs of white Socks

6. One (1) Blanket

7. One (1) pair of Bathroom Slippers

8. Two (2) white Bed Sheets

9. Two (2) pillow cases

10. One (1) Mattress

11. One (1) Pillow

12. One (1) Mosquito Net

13. One (1) Bucket (Metallic)

14. One (1) Plastic Keg

15. Cardigan to be supplied by the School

16. One (1) Wrapper